NXC Controls Pvt. Ltd. offers customised software development solution for your business needs with 24×7 support from India. Our software solutions facilitate to improve productivity, process transparency and system efficiency. We have a robust software development team based in the city of Ahmedabad, India.

We offer cost-effective solutions for all your business devlopment needs.

NXC Controls Pvt. Ltd. has developed more than 200 software solutions. Our popular software solutions are Financial Accounting Software for Traders & Manufacturers, Invoice Management Software, Inventory Management Software, Customized ERP & CRM.

Our vast experience in providing software solutions to various industry sectors is our core strength.

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM) :  Companies rely heavily on customer relationship management (CRM). CRM software deploys technology to organize, automate, synchronize sales & marketing, customer service, customer records and their surveys.

Benefits of Customer Relationship Management Software: (CRM)

  • CRM can track customer activity until the last point.
  • CRM can track customer’s Sales & Purchase habits.
  • CRM can generate and record the history of Purchase Orders, Sales Orders & Invoices.
  • CRM systematically tracks customers communications & problems.
  • CRM helps to generate sales forecasts based on Customer Feedback.
  • CRM identifies the target audience for your products, based on their purchase history.
  • CRM enables the management to identify, prevent & effectively bring solutions to various obstacles in various business functions & enhances productivity and smooth functioning of the organization.

ERP Development: NXC Controls creates the perfect ERP solutions for its clients as per their unique requirements and demands. These ERP solutions are fully integrated as per the enterprise system of the clients in order to bring a great value to every features and the functional area.

Our ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are designed to enable our clients implement the process the way they want for their business. This makes our ERP solutions a perfect solution for every kind of business from any sector. Be it large-scale implementation or the small-scale process, we deliver high-end and customized ERP solutions in India and abroad. Our well-experienced team of ERP developers aims to offer the best in class ERP Solutions to make our clients’ business process easier and more productive. At NXC Controls we strive to provide the best in class enterprise solutions. With our cost-effective & hassle-free ERP systems, our clients can easily operate the whole working process with ease focusing more on the development of the business rather than being occupied in unnecessary & time-consuming operations. We deliver our ERP solutions to multiple industries like healthcare industry, pharmaceutical industry, automobile sector, entertainment industry, IT and manufacturing industries.

JAVA Development : NXC Controls Pvt. Ltd. focusing on delivering exceptional Java application development and programming services to develop custom enterprise solutions. Based in India, NXC Controls aims at providing scalable, robust and easy to implement application development services to enterprises ranging from Startups, Small to Medium and Large enterprises.

JAVA is the leading open source programming language that helps in developing applications that can run on any processors regardless of operating system. As a JAVA application development company, we have a team of certified JAVA that can easily cater to all your software requirements.

NXC Controls has a pool of certified Java developers who actually long for challenging Java projects, which others may avoid due to considerable time and effort involvement. Select our services not just for saving cost, but for developing innovative solutions.

We work on developing PoC (Proof of Concepts) to many large scale Java app development projects. Our experienced team of Java architects and Java developers have done extensive work in developing enterprise solutions that addresses critical business requirements. We have built Java solutions like e-Commerce stores, customer engaging mobile apps, intranet portals, rich media content management systems, cloud based anti-money laundering solution, business analytics solution and reporting systems to name a few.

.NET Development : Our problem-solving approach together with experience and knowledge of .NET tools and technologies helps us in excelling the ASP.NET enterprise application development. Our .NET expertise ranges from code auditing to the development of specific applications and of course to complicated application maintenance. We can support you across any phase of your .NET solution development needs with a secure and flexible framework. Whether you want to migrate or develop a cloud application, NXC Controls is your .NET web development company of choice for .NET Integration services.

With years of hands-on experience in the development of ASP.NET MVC and WebForms applications, our team can support you throughout the life cycle of your projects. Our excellent grip in database design SQL server, Oracle or MySQL, will offer you the robustness essential to critical business applications.

We adopt a client-centric approach offer .NET development services that match your budget and needs without compromising quality. From design, development, deployment to integration or maintenance, our team covers the entire project requirement. Our talented pool of .NET developers ensure your application is updated regularly with the latest features and version.

Our .NET Development Services Offerings:
  • .NET Web Development
  • .NET CMS Solutions
  • .NET Integration Services
  • .NET Enterprise Solutions
  • .NET 3rd Party Customization
  • SharePoint Development
  • .NET Core Solutions
  • .NET Web Forms Services
  • .NET Application Migration Services

Python Development : There are various scripting languages that are used across the globe for web as well as application development. These high levels object oriented languages offer a wide choice to the developers as well as programmers to create versatile web applications. Python is one such similar programming language that has been widely used because of its strong server-side scripting capabilities for the Web.

The biggest advantage of using Python is that it serves the basis of many open-source and commercial frames, allowing building of wide variety of applications with different functionalists. We at NXC Controls has been using Python in a variety of web based project be it GUI development, web application development or game development.

We have a dedicated team of python application developers who have immense knowledge and huge experience in python designing and python application development. NXC Controls is a perfect destination to get the top quality service in the field of Python technology. Our python web development team uses the leading python development frameworks to deliver one of the best and timely web development solutions. With extensive industry exposure and wide diversity in the overall development cycle, we have finished some groundbreaking projects. Why choose NXC Controls for Python Development

Over the years, our dedicated development teams have incorporated our proven methodology along with robust development process to make us an ideal choice for all python related development solutions. This includes:

  • Very clear, readable syntax
  • Intuitive object orientation
  • Exception-based error handling
  • Strong introspection capabilities
  • Very high level dynamic data types
  • Very high level dynamic data types
  • Natural expression of procedural code
  • Full modularity, supporting hierarchical packages
  • Embedded within applications as a scripting interface
  • Extensive standard libraries and third party modules for virtually every task
  • Extensions and modules easily written in C,C++(or Java for Python, or .NET languages for Iron Python)

Image Processing: The internet has transformed the way in which businesses connect with potential customers. With the help of online catalogs, companies can showcase their products to prospective buyers and educate them about their key features and benefits. Image processing services can help businesses convert their product images into a professional looking catalog.

NXC Controls offers a comprehensive image processing solution that can be customized to meet the needs of both large and small organizations. We use sophisticated techniques like automated quality assessment to deliver best-in-class services. We can help you optimize your images to meet acceptable web standards and better promote your product offering.

Advanced image processing techniques
Image processing involves various steps such as capture, classification, extraction, validation, and export of images. NXC Controls employs several cutting-edge techniques during this process. These include:

  • Automated feature extraction
  • Filtering
  • Change detection
  • 2D and 3D visualization
  • Mosaicking
  • Prioritization

Why NXC Controls for image processing?
In addition to its business use of developing online catalogs, image processing is also used to resolve identification problems in forensic medicine as well as for creating weather maps from satellite images.

Just like document processing, image processing and medical image processing services have become important in today's business world. They can help transform the information provided on micrographics, paper, and other media into a variety of digital formats. Experienced vendors provide an entire range of image scanning, indexing, conversion, and archiving services that suit diverse client requirements.

NXC Controls puts its customers first. At the start of our relationship, we work to understand your overall business as well as your end-to-end process. This helps us fit seamlessly into your overall structure. Our emphasis is on providing quality work within short time-frames. We are committed to helping you succeed.

MATLAB: NXC Controls have MATLAB and Simulink expertise and industry experience to solve technology and business challenges.

We are providing to integrate MATLAB and Simulink with your databases, requirements and configuration management tools, and other software systems to unify workflows, models, and data, and to eliminate duplication of development effort and reduce maintenance costs.

The use of MATLAB is increasing day by day. Science and engineering students use this software broadly for educational purposes. Graphical User Interface (GUI) is an environment available with renowned software that gives the option to the user developing software packages for personal and problem specific uses. It is a way of arranging information on a computer screen that is easy to understand and use because it uses icons, menus and a mouse rather than only text and programs written in high level language which is often not much handy for others except for programmers.

The rapidly developing software MATLAB for technical computation is giving two releases per annum with extended capabilities which enhances user performance and boosts customer satisfaction. Collaterally, its size is increasing. With every release MATLAB takes a new look with new features and changes.

Each version is accompanied by major bug fixes, enhanced help menus, removal of undocumented deprecated functions, and development of alternative functions. In case of GUI this change is more rapid, functions are being obsolete and new efficient functions are generated.

Simulink: Simulation allows you to deliver better designs more quickly and make great products and design better structures. Predict behavior, test innovative concepts, and optimize designs early in the design and engineering process. Validate products to better understand the implications of your design choice at the beginning of the design process, saving time and money.

With simulation, you can make better decisions sooner. The issue is that many companies have a need for simulation, but few have the resources in house to successfully handle a project. Sim Specialists, a division of Hagerman & Company, offers first-in-class Simulation Engineering Services. Our simulation experts work as a direct extension of your design team, leveraging your historical product knowledge and our simulation expertise to tackle even the most challenging projects.

We can help you explore your designs before you even begin production so you can:

  • Minimize expensive prototypes
  • Avoid field failures
  • Reduce excess materials
  • Increase product performance
  • Reduce warranty issues
  • Lower energy consumption in buildings
  • Deliver cost effective products to customers faster